Welcome to the MJW International

For fifteen years MJW Surgical has been Supplying the Healthcare Industry With finest quality Surgical instrumnets & innovative products for surgery.With our extensive knowledge and experince in the medical filed, our products are specifically designed to offer both exceptional quality and value for money to Healthcare Professionals and Organisations. During the last few years there have been numerous developments within our Company, With the inroduction of many new innovative products and services to our portfolio, Wich has allowed MJW Surgical to make a significant impact on the Healthcare market. Our Head Office is based in Sialkot, Pakistan housing all Customer Service and Administrative funcations. Additionally, we have an office in the UK covering Europe and the USA. Our range of Speciallsed surgical instrumentations is uniquely manufactured in Sialkot to the highest standards of Craftsmanship. Our goal is to continue to develop new innovative medical products that will enhance the quality of surgical proceduers.


Our experience in manufacturing Surgical instruments has been built up since 2001. We have delivered the highest quality products by using best grade of materials and monitor all production process to guarantee our hand-crafted workmanship, always keeping up with the latest techniques. Quality is more than the result of check and devotion, verified and certified by International Standards Our Surgical instruments are designed to the specific requirements of advance surgical procedures. Our network span welcome special customize design of instruments to your specified requirement. We are highly thankful to all our patrons for their regular support.

Dental Instruments

One of the leading dental manufacturers, MJW is known for producing premium dental equipment. Performance, quality and innovation are traditions that have kept MJW at the forefront of the dental industry for more than 100 years. It’s our commitment to the dental professional and our passion for excellence that enables us to deliver the best dental handpieces, turbines, and other equipment to dentists and dental technicians worldwide.

Beauty Instruments

MJW is a manufacturing & export company, selling professional barber and beauty tools to the customers all over the globe. Our company ensures that each and every Instrument being produced here is crafted to its perfection. Based in Sialkot - Pakistan and founded in 2001, MJW is providing quality manicure implements and the best value prices. We design and manufacture high quality stainless steel instruments to the requirements of our customers for the use in diverse industries. All our products undergo stringent quality tests at every stage of the production to assure their flawlessness. We serve Professionals who demand exceptional quality Implements.


MJW was founded in 2001, The Company soon became well known throughout the Surgical - Orthopedic industry worldwide due to its high quality products.